Hello and Welcome!

Get to know my wife Sylvia and I.  Sylvia is now an Angel looking over us so I decided to create this website in her memory.

About Me

My Background


I grew up in Daily City, CA .  I have been truly blessed to have had the love of my life , my wife  Sylvita. We were married over 38 years, had 2 great children, and 4  grandchildren. We lived, worked, traveled and had fun throughout the  U.S., Europe, and Central America. I have circumvented the U.S. on my  motorcycle while camping, took my motorhome across the U.S. several  times, walked across Panama, and even did Habitat for Humanity in  Trenadad with my Granddaughter.  I like to build things, create things, fix things, i am good at allot of  things but a master of none!  I like to travel,  and often go somewhere  on the spur of the moment without a destination, after all you can't be  lost if you don't care where you are!   I hunt and fish, ride ATVs, and  try to keep busy.   It sounds like i am interesting but i think i am a  little bit boring,  and more laid back then this sounds. 

My Hobbies

Typical day working on hobbies and projects.

When I'm not at traveling, I like to make random things that remind me of my wife Sylvia. Nothing in particular but what ever comes to mind that I think she would like or get a kick out of. Below are some of the items that I have made so far. 

My Favorite Things

Swimming with the Stingrays

I like to travel take long road trips weather it's in my RV, Truck, SSR, or motorcycle.  I Catch military hops all around the world as well. Rafting in the grand canyon or relaxing in Vegas.